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Just a few key pointers to improve your experience when dealing with our company:

  • Our Hire Management System logs order numbers, site addresses and any other special instructions on each invoice for your record purposes. It manages our maintenance scheduling too. Control Systems to help you.

  • Please ensure that your order numbers (if you use them) accompany all requests for equipment to facilitate control of your profile. If you do not make use of order numbers, please advise us which people are authorised to hire on your behalf. Account security.

  • When placing an order please be specific as to which equipment is required, the exact delivery address and the contact person on site. We need to finalise your order correctly at the first attempt to avoid unnecessary delays to yourself and subsequent deliveries to other customers. We like to get it right first time.

  • When equipment needs to be collected, it is important to furnish the exact details as to when, where and at what time the collection must be done, as an extra charge may be levied for unnecessary trips. Timing and risk management.

  • Please never instruct our drivers about collections. All instructions are handled by our hire controllers at the counter, they control the Hire Management System, not our drivers. Minimize mistakes.

  • An “Equipment Still on Hire” report may be requested at any time; this report indicates in real time exactly which tools are still on hire and on which site. Cost saving

  • We provide equipment that is clean and in good working order. If a problem does arise the equipment will be replaced if necessary. Superior equipment and great service.

  • We do offer a repair service for your own equipment. Contact our Maintenance Department for more information.  We also offer a full range of construction equipment and tools for sale. Please contact our New-Tools Sales Department for quotes. Unlimited service.​ 

Loyalty Discount and Mobile App

  • An automated LOYALTY DISCOUNT system increases your discount percentage depending on the sum you spend, and increases in comparison with the sum spent (for example R2000.00 spent = 2% up to max of 10 and resets every year on 31 December). Qualifying discounts on Invoices’ can only be used to pay for a future transaction.

  • Discounts cannot be redeemed for cash and apply to hire items only.

  • An invoice only qualifies if it is paid on time.

  • Loyalty Discounts will:

  •        not be afforded if tools are returned late, dirty, or damaged.

  •        not apply to Invoices with manually applied discounts.

  •        not apply to weekly charged items hired for 1 or 2 days as pro rata discounts have already been factored

  • (We reserve the right to cancel all discounts due to late payments or abuse of our equipment.)

  • The mobile app will be launched soon. (use it to view: price list, account balance and your current tools on hire)

Credit Accounts

  • Month end credit account are available upon application.
  • Credit applications need to be completed in full. You may request more information from our friendly staff.
  • Account Clients have the privilege of paying by the 3rd of the next month. Terms & Conditions apply.

You are most welcome to pop in at the office in Southfield, any compliments are appreciated, suggestions considered and complaints will be promptly sorted out!


Stephen Vosloo

(Managing Director)

Hire Our Tools (PTY) Ltd.




Our Computerized Tool Hire Management System logs order numbers, site addresses, delivery instructions, collection instructions and contact details and any other special instructions on each invoice for your record purposes.

Equipment on long term hire is sometimes not used for a day. Send a fax before 9am to inform us and it will be booked "off-hire" for that specific day. (T's and C's apply)

We supply you with the Tool Hire application form to load your details onto our Tool Hire management system.

We do not send spam emails (ever). We focus our energy rather on service delivery and were it matters most - tools.

We offer a repair service for your own Tools. Contact our Maintenance Department for more information.(T's and C's apply)

We also offer a full range of construction equipment and tools for sale. Please contact our New-Tools Sales Department for quotes.

We have two Tool Hire branches, one at 118 Victoria Road, Southfield, and the other at 22 Military Road, Steenberg. Use either at your convenience for all your hiring needs. Remember that this does not limit our area; we deliver tools anywhere in Cape Town.

 Exciting News !  Free Hires **

At Hire Our Tools we pride ourselves with Quality tools and the innovative use of technology to manage your hiring process. This includes CCTV, Telephone Recording, Linked Systems (making hiring between our branches effortless), SMS reminders, preventative maintenance systems, repair facilities for your own tools if needed…………..

Loyalty Discount ! !

This discount programme  automatically rewards you with Discounts


Your discount rate  is determined by how much you hire.

For every R2000 spent, your discount will automatically increase by 2% 
(up to a maximum of 10%)per annum.

                                                                                                                                                                           Once we receive your  full,  on-time  payment, your discount is credited to your profile.

** Accumulated credits can then pay for a hire!

Terms and Conditions do apply find out in Store