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(021) 2001960 - Steenberg branch 22 Military Rd ( off main Rd above the railway line)

(021) 7055034 - Southfield Branch 118 Victoria Rd (at the bridge next to Werda butchery)





  1. This   is a  2  ton maximum lift with no extension on the bar

  2. It is used  for lifting engines and heavy objects for up to 2 tons.

  3. 0.5 ton is the lift at maximum extension.
  4. The shop crane and engine hoist delivers the lifting ability you need to with the advantage of compact storage. Includes ram, chain and hook  




  1. Boom extends from 36-1/4" to 50-1/4"  
  2. Crane height adjusts from 82" to 94"  
  3. Clevis grab hook with safety latch  
  4. Double ball bearing swivel casters  

      Instructions and Recommendations 

  1. Use the correct tonnage / bar extension for the lift 
  2. Make sure the object and engine hoist are secure before the lift 
  3. Do not exceed maximum lifting capacity