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Breaker small Chipper


  1. Demolition of brick walls
  2. Chipping tiles  and removing screed.
  3. For light work where chasing and installation of pipes is required in brick walls.
  4. NEVER to be used for any concrete work.



Instructions and operation tips

  1. Be  careful not to allow sand to enter the airducts of the machine.
  2. Do not join more than one 2.5mm x 20 m three core leads on any other single power tool.Charge raised if tool is burnt out.
  3. NEVER  to be used for breaking rock or concrete.
  4. NO  generators  unless voltage has been tested by our technicians.
  5. Never lean on the machine.
  6. Used by technicians,plumbers ,and builders for renovating.

          Models we stock

          Bosch  gsh 11e




Models we stock

Hilti    TE   700