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Core Bits (dry) Tungsten tipped



  1. For  drilling into brick and concrete walls only.
  2. For creating   outlets for waste pipes ,electrical piping for installation of pvc pipes or conduits.
  3. Not to be used for reinforced steel.



           Instructions  and operating tips:


  1. We stock a  range of core bits for masonary brick work, porcelain tiles and granite to hire or to buy.
  2. The Tungsten range however are only to be used on brickwork - and are used in conjunction with a SDS Max Drill.
  3. Never drill with the hammer function on   as it destroys the tungsten bits
  4. Never force the operation.
  5. Dont hang on the bit as the leverage causes the bit to  bend ,damaging the bit.


           The  following sizes are  available

  • 80mm







          models   we   stock:

          Tool co