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(021) 2001960 - Steenberg branch 22 Military Rd ( off main Rd above the railway line)

(021) 7055034 - Southfield Branch 118 Victoria Rd (at the bridge next to Werda butchery)




  1. For   cutting into  brick walls ,concrete walls  and  expansion joints.
  2. Used  where electricity is not available  and where window frames and doors are to be created.
  3. Can be used for archeological work ,for cutting into fossilized material.


                Instructions and operating tips:



  1.       Can be used  with water
  2.       Uses a carborandum disc or diamond blade(CHARGED SEPERATELY  PER MM.)
  3.       When it comes to demolition work or cutting curbs and expansion joints,  cut-off machines can help make the job quicker and easier 
  4.       Cuts  up to 7" deep.
  5.       Adjustable blade guard with built-in 3/4" water connection for wet cutting or dust suppression.
  6.       Use ear plugs.
  7.       When starting up, make sure the blade is off the surface to be cut.
  8.       Do not change direction while cutting.
  9.       Try to cut your required depth for the complete distance in one go - just do it slowly
  10.       uses two stroke fuel only.


 Stihl    TS  800