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High Pressure Washer Electric

High Pressure Washer Electric:



  1. This  machine   is used for cleaning roofs  and walls where algae  or moss has  penetrated the surfaces. 
  2. You can clean driveways as well as areas where there is grease that has been spilled.
  3. Kranzle high pressure washers and cleaners are high power water washers  and are distinguished by their extraordinarily high quality, extremely modern design, long service life and economic efficiency.


       Instructions and operating tips:

  1. Never let the machine run dry.
  2. There must always be a constant flow of water through the machine when switched on to avoid the valves overheating.
  3. The machines are fitted with rotating porcelain tip nozzles (dirt killer) to increase the efficiency of the cleaning action. However these tips are very suseptable to shock impact - if the nozzle is dropped the tip may crack and need to be replaced at an additional cost to the client.



        Technical  Specification:

  1. Operating pressure 10 - 135 bar fully adjustable
  2. Water flow 11 l/min (1400 rpm)
  3. Max inlet water temp 60°C 
  4. Max suction height 2.5m 
  5. High pressure hose 20 m steel weave
  6. Supply 230V AC 13.5A 50Hz
  7. Connection load 3.2 kW
  8. Motor output 2.3 kW
  9. Weight 42 kg
  10. Dimensions 750 x 460 x 450 mm



      Models we stock:


      Kranzle 599 version


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