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Circular Saw

  1.       For cutting wood and timber boards in width or length.
  2.       Compact and lightweight,it can be used for different types of woodwork.


               Instructions and operating tips:
  1.        Always use the correct length lead to ensure it does not burnout.
  2.        Select the correct size machine for the job.
  3.        7 inch circular saws are designed for cutting  material up to 50 mm eg battons purlines.
  4.        9 inch circular saws  are designed for thicker material up to 150 mm.
  5.        Always  wear goggles and protective gear.
  6.        Never put any load on the machine.
  7.        Before  starting ensure blade is free from material being cut.
  8.        Never cut through the lead. 

Models w stock:

 5704r 7 inch


MAKITA  5903R: 9 inch











PROTOOL   CSP 85  9 inch









Technical Specifications:

Blade diameter: 190mm.
Max. Cutting capacity:
At 90°: 66mm
At 45°: 46mm
No load speed: 4,900r/min
Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 345x238x253mm..
Net weight: 4.6kg