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BOTTLE JACKBottle Jack hire

Ruggedly built, self-contained jacks offer portable hydraulic power in a lightweight, reliable unit , perfect for the tool hire industry.  

Serrated caps help stabilize the load a safer lift. Industrial bottle jacks offer heavy duty performance.  

Oil leakage is greatly reduced by welding the jack's pressure cylinder, oil reservoir, pump housing and base into one integrated unit. 

Fewer working parts, internally-machined oil passages and close tolerances set these apart from ordinary bottle jacks. 

Hot forged steel base for extra strength.  

Oil bypass system limits stroke of jack by routing oil back to reservoir.  

"Low profile" models are perfect for "close quarters" lifting. Pump handle operates parallel to the base of the jack; ideal for horizontal applications. 

Telescoping Bottle Jacks are also available. 


Use the correct tonnage when hiring..

Make sure the object is secure before the lift. 

Do not exceed maximum lifting capacity. 

Make sure you have a sturdy base to place the bottle jack onto.