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(021) 2001960 - Steenberg branch 22 Military Rd ( off main Rd above the railway line)

(021) 7055034 - Southfield Branch 118 Victoria Rd (at the bridge next to Werda butchery)





  1. For  creating holes in soft soil for installing tar poles for fencing etc.
  2. To be used in soft sandy soil only.



             Instructions and operating tips

  1. Always check where cutter is working.
  2. Never  cut through rocks.stones etc
  3. Your maximum  depth is 1 metre that can be dug.



        Auger 6" Sand hand driven

  1.      A hand auger, sometimes called a handheld auger, is a tool, often made of steel that is used to bore a hole.
  2.      Typically, hand augers are used to create holes in dirt, ice, or wood, though a hand auger may be used to create holes in other   materials as well.
  3.      The use of the word hand in the term, restricts this type of tool to one that can be used by hand and is powered by human force. 




  1.      6” diameter hole to about 1meter in depth.