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back pack spray

      Killa Spray


  1. For  spraying  insecticide  for the prevention of insects and pests  causing damage to crops or flowers.
  2. NEVER      to be used for any  other  material  besides insecticide  eg roofing material or paints.
  3. The operator can pump at a comfortable rate due to the high capacity internally mounted piston pump with the appropriate nozzle.
  4. It can be used for awkward areas ,shrubs , little trees  due to its compact design.



      Instructions and operating tips:


  1.       Never  use  in an enclosed area.The poisons in  insecticide can cause  respiratory problems.
  2.       Always  fill tank  so that maximum  use can be achieved during operation.
  3.       Dont   overpressurize. If the backpack does not pressurize  dont keep pumping you will break it.
  4.       After each hire always  depressurize  sprayer and clean all nozzles and tips.
  5.       The handle is a spray wand and not a crowbar,dont use it to open gates or leverage as the nozzle and bits will break off.
  6.       If you are to use this machine in freezing conditions, .always empty contents  and release the pressure out the pump and then store it.
  7.       Any  damages will be for your account.