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Brick roller


  1. Brick rollers are used with plate compactors to roll paving to a compact smooth finish. Used with the plate compactor for a professional finish to brick paving. Rollers and mats available.
  2. A roller attachment for fixed engagement to any of a variety of conventional vibrator compactors to convert same into a vibrator roller device, the roller attachment including a generally rectangular bottom frame portion defining a generally rectangular central opening in which a plurality of spaced apart parallel rollers are rotatably carried; a top frame portion, fixed to the bottom frame portion, is configurated to receive the operating plate portion, of a conventional vibrator compactor, which is aligned with and bolted to the top frame, and removable rubber tubular treads are provided for the rollers
  3. 600mm wide.



Instructions and operation tips

  1. tighten bottom nut first then lock nut.
  2. make sure all 4 nuts are properly tightened   with a  24mm spanner


Models we stock

Ian Dicke