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Fence Tensioner / Wire Puller

Fence Tensioner / Wire PullerFence Tensioner

A fence tensioner includes a bracket adapted to be secured to a fence post, the bracket having upper and lower horizontal plate portions with vertically aligned cylinder openings and vertically aligned locking pin reaction holes therein. A tensioning cylinder is received in the vertically aligned cylinder openings for rotation relative to the upper and lower horizontal plate portions, the tensioning cylinder having at least one slot extending along the cylinder for receiving a fence slat, and flanges at opposite ends thereof that retain the tensioning cylinder in the aligned cylinder openings. Each of the flanges has a circular array of selectively useable locking apertures therein. The upper flange is provided with a profiled opening for receiving a similarly profiled tool for rotating the cylinder. A locking pin is provided that is adapted to extend through the aligned locking pin reaction holes and through a selected pair of aligned locking apertures to lock the fence slat in the tensioned position.

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